b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUEnon-Jewish friend said that her father had said that she could not be seen walking with Nettie and therefore Nettie had to either walk a few paces behind or a few paces ahead. In 1937 she was forced to leave the school and transferred to an exclusively Jewish school. In the aftermath of Kristallnacht on the 9th-10th November 1938 all Polish nationals were deported to Poland. Netties sister Betty and her husband and three children fled Berlin.Before leaving Nettie had promised Betty that she would settle her gas bill which of course Nettie did a day or two later, leaving the receipt on her fathers desk. What she did not realise was that the Gestapo had been searching for Betty. Now she had vanished the Gestapo turned their attention to her parents, when they searched the family apartment, they discovered the receipt. This led to a fifteen-hour ordeal for Netties father in the police headquarters. This terrifying experience changed everything for the parents they realised that home was not a safe haven for their child and set up a complex system for her to check with the family before coming home from school.At the end of 1938 England offered refuge to 10,000 children, Netties parents made the heart-rending decision to send her, their youngest child, to England as part of the Kindertransport scheme. They had planned their own escape route to get to the US however they did not manage to escape. PartingwasextraordinarilypainfulfortheSpiegels.Theywere heartbroken to see their child leave and on the day of departure having settled her on the train even drove to the next station just to catch another glimpse. Nettie arrived in England on the 3rd March 1939 and it was arranged that 16-year-old Nettie would stay with the Duvals, a lovely family from Stamford Hill. They had a four year-old daughter who they hoped Nettie could take care of and looked to Nettie to lend a hand with general household duties, too.After the war Nettie discovered what had happened to her family and she made her life in England and what began as working as a machinist in the West End went on to be a highly successful career in the fashion industry NettiesmemorylivesonwithalegacylefttotheWestern Marble Arch Synagogue to refurbish the Brides Room which was rededicated by Rabbi Lord Sacks in November 2013.14'