b'BOOK OF MEMORY FOR HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAYthat his mother had forbidden him to play withFreddyanymorebecausehe wasa Jew Boy. The morning after Kristallnacht Freddy attempted to go to school, but a local traffic policeman who knew our family got down off his rostrum and told Freddy to go straight home, and tell his mother that hundreds of synagogues and Jewish businesseswereburnedtotheground during the night and thousands of stateless Jewish people had been rounded up.My father was stateless and had no papers and stateless Jews originating from Poland were being sought by the authorities. On two occasions the Gestapo came to the flat searching for my father, but he was hidden severalstreetsaway,bysomegentile friends. My mother told the Gestapo that her husband was travelling on business and not to dare to touch her since she had a British Passport. During these unexpected visits we were told to hide in a cupboard. Sometimes my mother had to leave the flatAbove: Dolores parents at their wedding and she would leave my 11 year old brotherin 1925Freddy in charge of my twin brother andBelow: Bernhard Englander in Krakow in 1915I, we were four. She would tell Freddy to make sure that the twins did not cry. WhentheBritishconsulinBerlinin December 1938, finally, gave permission to leavethe permit allowed our family plus a nanny, so we quickly ran to the Jewish Girls School and selected a 16 year old called Rutchen Kaudas, whose life we saved by bringinghertoEngland.Wewerevery close, and she became a second mother to me, when my own mother died when I was only thirty.Returningtothedreadfuleventsof Kristallnacht, in November 1938, when 1400 SynagoguesandbusinessesinGermany 29'