b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUETherese/Tauba with family in PalestineBrussels on August 20th 1940. Life became very precarious for Tauba.Tante Esthers husband and my mothers two brothers were forced to work for the Organisation Todt (the Nazi slave labour scheme) technically the work was offered but there was no chance of refusing! Initially, the three men were rounded up and sent to a transit camp in Malines and then to Auschwitz. Ajzky died in 1941, Mosek, Tantes husband and Shmuel in 1942. The Belgian government noted in the 1950s that they had disappeared.It was clear to Tauba, when the Jewish register was created, and the community forced to wear yellow stars that she needed to protect her children. My mother made an important decision to RESIST. She obtained false papers with the help of the Belgian Resistance and threw away the yellow star. She dyed her hair blonde and given that she had green eyes and a fair complexion she became an Aryan known as Therese Beaulieu. It was always known that the Resistance helped save the lives of Alain and Fanny, but an important piece of the story was recently confirmed when Maria Van Acker and her husband Arthur Vercruyse were honoured by Yad Vashem as Righteous Amongst the Nations at a ceremony held in Brussels. The story is fragmented but it is clear that Therese made contact with the Resistance in Brussels who committed to finding a way to hide Alain and Fanny both under four years old and only speaking Yiddish (making the situation even more precarious). Today we broadly know the story of what happened but there is no precise record of every place they were hidden as they were too young to be fully aware. The Minister of the Interior was under house arrest for refusing to collaborate. My mother took a job as his cleaner because her children were hidden in his home. This connected to the Daudelet family who were part of the underground resistance chain. They knew Maria and Arthur who were in the Resistance living in Tremeloo, a semi-rural area outside Brussels. Alain and Fanny were hidden with the family for most of the war. Their recollection was of it being a happy time with loving people. They had no idea of the danger they and their rescuers were in. At the Righteous Amongst the Nations dedication ceremony last year in Brussels Alain spoke movingly about that time. 34'