b'BOOK OF MEMORY FOR HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAYMy sister and I survived the war because of the kindness of people like Maria and Arthur. They put themselves and family at risk to save our lives. They loved us as if we were their own. They cared for us with love and affection. It was not just because we were Jewish but also human beings. If not for them we would have perishedOne story that my mother shared after the war was how one night she woke abruptly from her sleep with a premonition that her children were in danger - she later discovered that someone had gone to Arthur saying that they were about to be betrayed. After the war my mother was reunited with her children. It is important to mention that this was not the case of all the Hidden Children. Some protectors did not want to give the children back and in some heartbreaking situations they no longer remembered their parents. My mothers determination to see them during the war mattered greatly. A total of 63 family members were murdered by the Nazis. When the Allies entered Brussels during the Liberation my mother met my father Cecil Theodore Clifford who was in the RAF. She divorced Zalman Kagen in 1947. My parents married in 1948 and my father legally adopted Fanny and Alain. I was born in England but the connection to Brussels was always very strong and Tante lived there till she died age 96. One of my childhood memories was discovering a yellow star in a bedside drawer. Tante died 8th November 1984 and a few days later 13th November 1984 my father suddenly died. At that time mummy was 65. As a young girl she had the strength and courage to survive and outwit the Gestapo and collaborators, however the death of Tante and my father in such a short space left a lasting impact. Out of the blue I was contacted in December 2016 by a researcher at Yad Vashem. For all her years after the war Maria yearned to know what happened to Therese and the children. Arthur died in 1950. Louis de Zinter, their son, wanted his parents to be honoured as Righteous Gentiles. He was about 14 years old when the two little ones were hidden with his family. He could not find them as after the divorce mummy came to live and marry in England. Fanny and Alain became Frances and Alan Clifford. More than 75 years after the end of the war Louis found les Enfants Cachs and his brave parents rightly honoured. There was a very emotional reunion between Alan and Louis. My mother died in June 2011. Im sure she would have been very willing and moved to assist in honouring these special people and would have done anything possible to recognise all those that protected and saved her and her children. I have childhood memories of visiting some of these wonderful people but was far too young to realise just how special they were. Since 2010 the family story is archived at Yad Vashem and the family photos are held in a special collection.May they all rest in peace and never be forgotten.35'