b'BOOK OF MEMORY FOR HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAYRETURNGINA DREW-DAVISO n a cold afternoon late in November 2018, standing by the railway tracks in Birkenau, I was privileged to hear the words of Leslie Kleinman BEM, Survivor and Holocaust educator. He stood and told us about the fate of his entire family that he lost in the Shoah. My Rabbi recited Kel Maleh Rachamim and Leslie recited the Kaddish for each and every soul lost including my own family. I felt at peace, I felt that my dear family were being honoured with a Kaddish at last. For twenty years I had known I would need to return to this place.I was named after my maternal booba, Regina zl who was born in 1872. She was one of the eight children of Herman Schlesinger and Rosa Knoebel of Bielsko Biala, Galicia, in what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire andafterWW1becamePoland.Mygrandmother Regina and her sister Bertha were the only two siblings to survive the Shoah. Regina had left Galicia many years before the war, travellingacrossEuropewithherhusbandMorris (who my son Mark is named for) eventually finding a permanent home in England, where Morris died in 1924. Other family members were spread far and wide, Bertha was living in Austria. When the rise of Nazism made the situation for Jews impossible in Austria, my mother Sophie zl (Reginas daughter)helpedbythekindnessofstrangers, managed to get a domestic service visa for her aunt Bertha. This allowed her to leave Austria and come to England accompanied by her children. They were now safe but they all saw what was happening in Europe. The enormity of the tragedy that unfolded took its toll, my dear booba Regina died of a broken heart as she could not save the rest of her family. Top: Booba Regina Middle: Zeida Morris Bottom: Booba Regina with her sister Bertha, Berthas husband Adolph and their son Joseph9'