b'BOOK OF MEMORY FOR HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAYDETAILS MAKE IT PERSONALCLIVE RAYDEN M y Father Wolfgang (Wolf) was born on 29th August 1929 in Bitterfeld near Leipzig, Germany. Dad was the youngest child of Abraham and Fredia Raibenbach (my zeida and booba) and youngest brother to Arnulf (Arnold) and Lisa (Elsa).The family fled Germany separately. My zeida and uncle arrived in England on 12th January 1939 whilst my dad, his mother and sister arrived on 19th February 1939.Pre-war there was family in Germany, Poland and France. Post-war the number of family members alive was small. There were my dads two uncles, Jacques and Max and three cousins in Paris and three cousins in London. There was little talk of the familys life in pre-Nazi Germany, experience under the Nazis or the subsequent flight to England. Histories were not proffered. Their German mother-tongue was never used. The past virtually limited to after we arrived in England. The storys outline is well known, one that is shared by other similar families. It is however the details that make the story so specific to each family; my zeidas sense of fearlessness resulting from imprisonment in Lichtenberg and the smuggling of his family out of Nazi Germany.Boobas insistence on not leaving the house without her jewellery stemmed from Kristallnacht when she hid jewellery in the piano at the familys home that was ransacked.MydadhadnophotosofhisGermanchildhoodduetothese being destroyed. In the 1990s Uncle Arnold was interviewed for the Spielberg Archives. For many hours and in exacting details he spoke of the familys life in Germany before and during the Nazi regime as well as the flight to England. After several hours of the interview my uncle is brought to tears when asked, did you tell your children any of this, he responds, why burden them, theres nothing to be proud of.For my father and his family, pride was not about reliving the past. Pride was from discovering a new beginning and restarting their lives after we arrived in England. Wolf Rayden, Bitterfeld Germany, 12th August 193927th December 2008.27'