b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUERAOUL WALLENBERGHOWARD MORRISO n every visit to the Western Marble Arch Synagogue one passes the memorial statue to Raoul Wallenberg. For 22 years it has stood opposite our shul, Wallenberg standing against a wall composed of 100,000 Schutz-Passes (safety passports), the Swedish diplomatic documents that saved the lives of tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews and that Wallenberg issued in courageous defiance of the Nazis and their Arrow Cross Hungarian collaborators. Wallenberg would follow the round ups of Jews and hand out Schutz-Passes at rest breaks or to prisoners being crammed on to trains for transport to their deaths. Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat, which provided him with some safety. As the Soviets came ever closer to overrunning Hungary the chaos and the intensity of the Nazi effort to murder the Jews following their takeover of the country in 1944, became only more urgent. Wallenberg, appointed by the Swedish government to support the effort of the US War Refugee Board to save Hungarys Jews and funded by the World Jewish Congress, and, indirectly, by the American Joint Distribution Committee (the Joint), remained in Budapest, sleeping each night in a different building of the thirty hed flagged as Swedish diplomatic premises, protecting his charges and trying to avoid assassination. During Budapests bitter siege, in January 1945, Wallenberg crossed the lines at the invitation of the Soviet general and was arrested as a suspected spy.He was never seen again.On the following page is an extract from an article by Maurice (Moshe) Pearlman, who went on to be the first official spokesman for what became the IDF, written in 1946, kindly supplied by and reproduced here with the consent of the Joint Distribution Committee. (JDC Archives, Records of the New York office of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee 1945-1954, Folder 436, Displaced Persons, Hungary, General, 1946-1947.)Many of the accounts in this Book of Memory will leave one in awe of the risks taken by non-Jews, fellow citizens, to save Jewish lives.They were ordinary people who acted in an extraordinary way. Every story of Jewish survival during the Shoah is astonishing. To escape the monstrous machinery of theNazigenocideagainst theJewscoincidenceand planning,braveryand superhumanendurance andoftenthewillingness ofrighteousgentilesto risktheirownlives,was necessary.Thosewho aided Jews were, if caught, murdered often along with theirfamilies,including theirchildren.Surelywe 6'