b'BOOK OF MEMORY FOR HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAYLES ENFANTS CACHS HIDDEN CHILDREN JANICE SERLIN M ymother, ThereseClifford,was an incredibly brave person who ensured her children survived the war. Her story is one of resourcefulness and quick-thinking whilst living in plain sight of the enemy in occupied Brussels. She was born Tauba Sztern in the village of Lututw in Poland in January 1919. Few photos of her early life have survived but those that do suggest a relatively comfortable, calmandhappylife.Mymothersfather, Chaim Gavriel Sztern, was an educated man who had studied photography in Leipzig. He was a staunch Zionist who acted on his commitment and left Poland in the 1920s toTherese with Fanny and Alain 1946/7live in Palestine, which was under British rule. Accompanying him was my grandmother Genta, my mother Tauba and her two brothers Ajzky and Shmuel. My mothers fondest memories were always connected to her childhood in Palestine. Its clear why her love of Israel never diminished given what she had to deal with later as a young adult. Economically times were really hard for the family in Palestine and in 1927 they returned to Europe and went to Brussels where my grandmothers sister, Tante Esther, lived. Reflecting later about that decision, my mother speculated how different things would have been had they gone to the family in America.Shortly after arriving in Brussels my grandmother Genta died from peritonitis and soon after my grandfather Chaim Gavriel died in a tragic road accident whilst saving the lives of his children. Tante Esther, had no children, she stepped in and was mother to her sisters three orphaned children. She always said G-d sent me three.Tauba married Zalman Kagan around 1937, my sister Fanny was born August 1938 and my brother Alain in October 1939. The marriage broke-up shortly after. Zalman was deported but returned and in 1947 they were divorced (thats another story).Tauba was a twenty year old with two babies, living and working as a seamstress in Brussels. Germany invaded Belgium on 10th May 1940 and when the Belgian government surrendered 18 days later it sent shockwaves throughout the Jewish community. The Nazis marched into 33'