b'BOOK OF MEMORY FOR HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAYManya & Sammy Brechner zlto many corners of the world. Manya had an older sister who went on to live in the States. Two of her other sisters, Hana and Ida, did not survive.I remember that soon after Sammy died, in 1988 aged 82, Manya wanted to approach the German government for war victims reparations. This involved filling out complicated paper work. I asked why they hadnt applied earlier and Manya explained that Sammy didnt want anything further to do with Germany. Manya, however, felt differently and did apply and did receive reparation funds. Manya went on enjoying life, in her own home, until she was 106 dying just before Yom Kippur in September 2017.Among Manyas papers, I found a June 1941 letter from the Government of Palestine replying to Sammys father who had managed to make his way to Tel Aviv and who had written with some recommendations for securing the borders. The Chief Secretary thanked him for his advice (about putting extra warships in the Mediterranean waters to protect the borders).Sammy and Manya didnt have children. Throughout their lives they were very supportive of their wider family and generous to charities. They had many nieces and nephews living mainly in Israel and the USA.Many did stay in close contact with them despite the distance and I am happy to say that I still keep in contact with some of them today.It was a huge a privilege to know and to love them. May their memories always be for a blessing.19'