b'BOOK OF MEMORY FOR HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAYA BERLIN CHILDHOODKATE ESDAILEM yearliestmemoriesofNettie Spiegelareinformedbyher smileydisposition,natural elegance,vivaciousnessand zestforlife. Visits and time spent with her were always eagerly anticipated due in no small part to her warmth and affectionate nature, she was simply so much fun. I got to know her well because she was a very close friend of Trude and Simon Reiss, my grandparents.NettiecametoEnglandonthe Kindertransportandwentontobecome a highly regarded designer, one of whose weddingdressesispartoftheV&A permanent collection.Her early life in Berlin was that of a child Nettie Spiegel born into a middle-class Jewish family the youngest of four children. Her father owned asuccessfuleggpackingfactorynearto where they lived. She attended the Handle Lyceum, a non-Jewish school and fully intended to remain there before going to university. However,asayoungJewishgirl,her lifealongwiththatofherwholefamily changeddramaticallyin1933whenshe was 10 years old. Antisemitic racial policies were implemented and impacted on every aspect of Netties daily life.In school Jewish children were excluded from taking part in any organised events and eventually Nettie was one of the last two remaining Jewish pupils at the school. Former school friends turned on her. She recalled the day when a 13'