b'BOOK OF MEMORY FOR HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAYTHE LOST TRAINCAROLE SANDGROUND O urfamilyhistorycriss-crosses LondonandAmsterdam,what defines their history and legacy is that my whole extended Dutch family were caught up in the horrors of the war. In every recent generation there is evidence of marriages between London and Amsterdam. Amelia Polack Samson who was my aunts mother-in-law was born in 1875, one of seven children, to Dutch parents who arrived here in 1871. She was educated at the Jewish Free School in London.Her first husband Solomon Reina with whom she had a daughter Esther, died in 1903. Four yearslatershemarriedAmsterdambornAmelia Polack SamsonMoses Samson at Sandys Row Synagogue, London. Whilst we dont know the precise details,weknowthatAmeliaandMoses moved to Holland, Moses died in 1938 and is interred at the Joodse Begraafplaats Diemen, thecemeteryoftheJewishcommunityof Amsterdam. I searched for his grave-stone on a visit to Amsterdam in September 2019 but could not locate it.I was, however, able to visit several former family residences.Amelia and Moses had three children born in England, Abraham whom we know as Alf who married my aunt, Cissie Rosenthal, Bernard and Marie on whom much of this testimonyfocuses.Alfwasregisteredat the family home in Amsterdam in 1942 butBarend Bliksomehow managed to return to England anddiedinWorthingin1995,while Bernard survived the war and emigrated to the USA. He died on March 29, 1989 at Miami-Dade, Florida.31'