b'BOOK OF MEMORY FOR HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAYMEMORYRABBI SAM TAYLORM ymaternalgrandmother Myrella Cohen accompanied her parentsto ManchesterCentral Synagogue in August 1939 to collect a nine year old girl called Elfrieda Grunhut from Augsburg, Germany. ElfriedaarrivedinEnglandonthe Kindertransportcrying,unabletospeak a word of English and shouting Yidden!, which her parents had told her to say to ensure she was placed with a Jewish family. My great grandfather Sam, who Im named after, had paid the princely sum of 50 to act as a guarantor for Elfrieda who became an adopted sister to my grandmother. After the war the family found out that the only member of Elfriedas immediate family to survivewasanunclewhoemigratedtoElfrieda Grunhut Los Angeles. In 1948 she followed him and married a fellow Survivor, George Devries. Elfrieda remained in touch with my family until she passed away in January 2019.Elfrieda and other Holocaust Survivors I have known have had just one wish and hope. They are desperate for our community and indeed all humanity not to forget what they went through. They reawaken their darkest memories and become traumatised each time they share their horrendous stories whether it be either in person or on paper. One survivor once told me that for days after telling their story, they couldnt sleep, eat, or find a peaceful moment. Nevertheless, Survivors open themselves up to great pain and continue to tell their stories with the hope and expectation that we are listening, that we will remember, and that we will continue to tell them long after they are gone.In his Passover Hagada, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks writes:There is a profound difference between history and memory. History is his storyan event that happened sometime else to someone else. Memory is my storysomething that happened to me and is part of who I am. History is information. Memory, by contrast, is part of identity. I can study the history of other peoples, cultures and civilizations. They deepen my knowledge and broaden my horizons. But they do not make a claim on me. 1'