b'BOOK OF MEMORY FOR HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAYowe a simple obligation on behalf of all our brothers and sisters who were saved withthehelpofgentiles,anobligation that represents fundamental Jewish values, that if we are ever in a position to save anothers life, we must do so, we must not standby[our]fellowsblood.Somany did nothing to save their fellow citizens, somanyhelpedandaidedthesavage destruction of the Jewish people but others, for no personal gain, acted to save lives. They must be honoured and remembered.Top: extract from an article byMaurice (Moshe) PearlmanOpposite page: the Schutz-Pass for Lili KatzRight: Schutz-Pass for Erika VermesPhotographs provided by and reproduced with the kind permission of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum7'