b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUEACKNOWLEDGEMENTSThankyoutoJudithAbrahams,Gina Drew-Davis, Caroline Esdaile, Kate Esdaile, StephenFactor,FrancesGoldberg,Harry Heber,JamieLossos,GabyMorris,Clive Rayden, Dolores Rose, Carole Sandground, Janice Serlin, Harry Sieratski, Katya Silver, RabbiSamTaylor,MauriceTopioland FrancoiseWintonwhoauthoredmoving articles about their Holocaust family history. All of the pieces are fascinating and we are gratefulthatcommunitymemberswere prepared to share their stories with us.We wish to recognise our generous donors forpartneringwithus.ThankyouDavid Buchler, Michelle Caplan, the Davis family, Gina Drew-Davis, Stephen Factor, Howard & Gaby Morris, Nora & Clive Rayden, Ann & Howard Richenberg, Janice Serlin, Angela & Harvey Sonning, Emma & Rabbi Sam Taylor and Astrid & Maurice Topiol for seeing the great value in this publication and making it possible.Our thanks to Charlotte Pasha for interviewing Harry Heber. Our thanks also go to the WMA Book of Memory Committee, Rabbi Sam Taylor, Gina Drew-Davis,StephenFactorandGaby& Howard Morris for bringing this project from conception to fruition.Design and PrintingDesigned by Michael Marks with our most especial gratitude for his work within a very tight timescale and to Charlie Hanbury for printing this booklet. Michael Marks: www.michaelmarks.co.ukCharlie Hanbury, The Print Team:www.theprintteamgg.com44'