b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUEThe story, which was recalled by Yad Vashem whentheGburekfamilywerehonoured in1985wasasfollows;GoldaTornheims boyfriend Zigmund Weinreich was working in a large bakery which meant he possessed a pass allowing him to exit the ghetto. He wasfullyawareofwhatwashappening around him and warned his girlfriend Golda about the transports and told her under no circumstances to follow orders to go to the station. This saved her life.Thestory,accordingtotheRighteous Gentiletestimony,wasthattheGbureks hadknownRochaandherfamilybefore the war. They were customers of the family textiles business. When the war began and the family were forced into the ghetto the Gburekswouldcomeintotheghettoto give Rocha and her family vegetables from their garden. When the situation became impossible in the ghetto Rocha found a way Righteous Among the Nations, to get to the Gbureks home.Franciszek GburekThe testimony continues, When the Gbureks saw my mother on their doorstep,theirfaceslitupwithjoy.Mr. Gburek perceived her arrival as a chance to carry out the mission he aspired to with all his might: saving human life. The fact that one of their neighbours worked for the Gestapo and that the area was swarming with ethnic Germans who were dyed-in-the-wools Nazis, rendered their task even more dangerous.Inhersubsequenttestimony,Golda confirmed that the Gbureks had acted out of humanitarian considerations. The only benefit they derived from their actions was the fulfilling the commandment of Love thy neighbour as thyselfI feel such a huge debt of gratitude that I stagger under the weight Is it at all possible to repay such a debt?24'