b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUESURVIVORS THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN BY A YOUNG PERSON FOLLOWINGA VISIT TO AUSCHWITZ. HE HAS REQUESTED ANONYMITYT here are billions of words that people say to you in life. Some of them leave you in seconds, some stay with you for a few years, and some have such power that they stay with you for life. In Poland words were said to me that will stay with me for life.On our first night in Poland we were taken to the Ghetto Uprising monument where one of our leaders spoke. He spoke with such heavy and powerful words, words that will remain with me forever.One of our phenomenal leaders stood in front of our group, our groupof45living,breathingandfree Jews,andsaid,Where are you Hitler? Where are you? As he said this his voice echoed, his voice echoed for six million miles. His strong, powerful, and meaningful words brought a silence to the group, each and every one of us took time to process the sheer power of the words that he had just spoken, these words stuck with everyone, laying out a bass line for the whole trip. Where are you Hitler?Where are you? These words showed us that we, the Jewish people, have had our weakest moments but are now in our strongest and we are united. Hitler did not get what he wanted for the Jews and we ask ourselves this question, Where are you Hitler? Where are you? We are here strong, free and alive. You are destroyed, hated and under ground. Every time we walked out of a death camp, work camp, concentration camp, ghetto or cattle truck, we were alive, we were breathing, we were moving and we were free. And as I took each step walking out of these place his words, our leaders words, played in my head, repeating six million times as we walked around Poland free and alive, Where are you Hitler? Where are you? Hitler wanted the world to think of the Jews the way the world now thinks of him; dead, sinful and worthless. After all this, after all we have been put through, after he murdered over six million ofour brothers and sisters, we are still standing here, still alive and free. We, every single Jew, we are all Survivors. We need to tell stories of this harrowing monstrosity. We need to express the rawness and the pain they went through. We need to never ever let this be forgotten. And we must live on for our brothers and sisters who didnt make it. We have everything they wantedlife and freedom. 42'